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  • Lifestyle Changes

At Heritage Natural Health, we believe that every body is trying to be in a more complete state of health.  Our goal is to support this process, with help from you!, by optimizing diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, and other components of a balanced life.  

  • Botanical Medicine

We use natural and herbal products to help support healing body processes while lifestyle changes are being implemented.  Dr. Yori has a life-long love of all things plant and has used this love to learn more deeply and utilize more fully our beautiful plant allies.  They are many and they are strong AND then can have negative interactions with other herbs and pharmaceuticals.  ALWAYS consult a trained Naturopath or Herbalist when taking herbal supplements.

  • Scenar

The Scenar is an innovative, FDA approved device used in the treatment and management of pain and musculoskeletal complaints. The device works by interacting with the body’s nervous system by sending small and comfortable currents across the skin, while measuring the skin’s resistance to that current. The Scenar then varies the current. This constant change helps keep the body engaged for greater therapeutic effect.

Scenar’s purpose is to aid in supporting the parasympathetic ("rest and digest") nerve impulses and ultimately make your body more efficient in healing itself quickly and with less effort.

  • Biofeedback

Our body speaks to us in many different ways.  Biofeedback is a way to learn your body's stress stress signals and manage your response.  Breathing is one of our #1 interventions for anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure!  We can use breathing and body temperatures to help ourselves into more balanced and optimal functioning.


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